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April 9, 2019


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All You Need to Know About Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehensions is very important and has been seen to have a great impact on childhood as they are offered a good guide to adulthood. Students are now able to experience better ways of carrying out various activities and this has been to transpire how it can be used as this is essential for the daily needs. There is need to know that with the increase in illiteracy levels their lots of losses that have been incurred, as a nation, we need to ensure that we incorporate procedures to assist in increasing the levels of literacy. Low literacy levels have been identified to bring about lots of criminal activities, increase in tax burdens and other negativities in the economy. Here are some of the reasons that you need to consider reading comprehension.

Poor reading skills have greatly resulted to having low educational levels, and this translates to increase in the poverty levels. Even though the government has put measures on the way that is needed in the regulation of literacy levels, only a few rules and regulations are being followed, and this has resulted to illiteracy being on a high level. The styles that are being used these days have been seen to have a great impact on the way the styles and strategies have been considered in the right manner.

Nowadays in the year of assessments of high-stakes it is ‘teaching to test’ which is becoming very popular. Most of the teachers are however feeling that the technique is limiting them from using their strategies of teaching. Many students, as well as their teachers, are feeling overwhelmed by this technique though. Reading of comprehension has brought change though, and that is why students are no longer stresses anymore. It is through comprehension reading that learners pass their standardized tests with flying colors. Thought this learning process, students easily understand and recognize words very easy. After comprehension reading, this is when individuals can recognize that without text, there cannot be any sense in a text.

If you read a text which lacks context, then you cannot be guaranteed that you know what it means because that is what creates some sense. Many people do mistakes when they are unable to put some context in their texts which makes readers have difficulty trying to understand what they mean. Readers who are strong though would spend too much of their time when using all the text so that they can understand what it means. An example of a text without context is “Congratulations, you have been promoted” has no enough context or rather lacks the context at all.