Furniture Style – Kitchen Cabinet Design: Class En Masse

February 14, 2019


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Are you someone who appreciates the finer things in life? Do you watch Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous expecting to see your house? If you refuse to settle for second best, then your first move in building your dream kitchen might involve an elegant furniture style cabinet design. With a range of configurations available, this type of design is an excellent alternative for people who will stop at nothing to have it all.

Heavily Armoired
The armoire-style kitchen cabinet design is a lot like the people who choose it: It does it all. It starts with numerous drawers down below for serving dishes, silverware and linens. These are framed by cabinet-style cupboards that offer the perfect mix; the look and feel of classic furniture with modern day conveniences like drawer dividers and pullout storage.

The spacious upper level of this cabinet design has ample space for a large flat-screen television or state of the art stereo system, while the glass-enclosed cabinets on either side showcase your prized antiques or fancy place settings reserved for special occasions.

Cold Storage
It may not sound glamorous, but this isn’t your ordinary storage facility. Conventional wisdom separates the decorative design from purely functional elements like refrigerators. But since when were you all about convention?

If you’ve made your mark by daring to be distinctive, then your kitchen cabinet design should follow suit. And that’s exactly what it will do when you encase your fridge and freezer with beautifully crafted cabinet doors. Add some smaller cabinets above and matching drawers for storage below, and suddenly those everyday appliances won’t just take up space. They’ll take the lead in your kitchen transformation.

Island Living
The original intention of the island concept may have been to provide more counter space for slicing and dicing, but you know what they say about all work and no play. Instead, play around with creative options for kitchen cabinet design and turn that island from a simple work centre to the centerpiece of your new look. Indulge in some decoratively painted cabinets and drawers with classically carved feet and ornate inlays. Add a stone countertop for practicality and you’ll have your own private island that’s far removed from the ordinary world of cabinet design.

Buy the Book…
… And while you’re at it, why not build a bookcase and incorporate it in your new furniture style kitchen? An area for book display and storage adds a touch of class and refinement to your office, study or living room, and it can do the same for your kitchen when inserted at the end of an island. Add some of your favorite cookbooks to the mix, top it off with some elegant trim work and you have the recipe for success in creating the kitchen you crave.

Sharp Dressers
Storage space in the kitchen is like chocolate frosting on your birthday cake. You can never have too much. That’s why a dresser style cabinet design is perfect for the busy cook and their hungry family. With stacks of well-appointed drawers spanning the length of the unit, this cabinet design is a great way to enhance your storage capacity for glasses, plates and small appliances without detracting from the aesthetics of the room as a whole.

These are just a few of the many ways to add a rich, classical look and feel to your new or renovated kitchen through cabinet design. Spend a little time with a custom designer and you’re bound to find an option that suits your unique sense of style.

Pendant Lights For A Functional and Attractive Lighting Design

February 14, 2019


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Kitchen pendant lights are an item that can update your kitchen in no time. For the upscale home, you may consider a suspension fixture that will provide direct light. These types include the number of diffusers of your choice that come in numerous styles. For example, you may prefer hand-blown glass diffusers with tubular steel bodies. The ceiling assembly will include arms and side plugs with pressed and galvanized steel ceiling fittings. Or you may fancy a designer look with a little whimsy like a Frisbee shaped light or Pendant with a ball of metal discs hanging on a metal frame. Some designer pendants are made out of recycling and are made with the utmost quality.

For a Kitchen remodeling project, there are also available numerous styles and sizes of pendants at reasonable prices. Once this lighting is put in, you will enjoy precise lighting that will benefit you while cooking, eating, or just hanging out in the kitchen. Popular choices on the market include a mega bulb pendant, saucer lamp, ball lamp, chandelier, cigar shape, pear shape and many others. Pendant lighting also comes in numerous styles, such as country, modern or traditional. Find the perfect lighting to complement your kitchen which is also offered in various colors to include white, gold, and brass.

Builders install pendant lights in new homes, and many contractors will suggest it for a remodeling solution. Pendant lighting is a great way to bring your current kitchen up to date and modern. Whether you use it over a table, throughout the kitchen, or over an island, it will improve the value and efficiency of your home. These lights are obtainable in small to large fixtures, depending on the area where it is to be installed.

It is up to you how you would like the kitchen pendant lighting to look as you can install them in any arrangement suitable to you. Additionally, there is a great deal of different colored bulbs to use, even blue for a dimmer effect.

Shop around on the internet and you will find an endless selection whether money is no object or you are looking for discount prices. Many department stores and home improvement stores also will display quite a selection of lighting for your kitchen.

Kitchen Light Fixtures: Types and Uses

February 14, 2019


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Your kitchen deserves to be well-lit and inviting; after all, it is the hub of the household. When planning a renovation, never underestimate the importance of quality kitchen light fixtures. No matter how large or small the project, a great kitchen lighting scheme can make a dramatic difference.

Be sure to install kitchen light fixtures in layers for the best results, providing plenty of general/ ambient, task, and accent lighting.

General Lighting

  • Flush Mounts: Affordable and available in countless traditional & contemporary designs, flush mounts (sometimes called “close to ceiling” fixtures) are an ever-popular choice for general lighting in the kitchen.
  • Kitchen Island Lights: A type of chandelier, these have a special elongated style perfect for kitchen islands. For more focused illumination (for homework or food preparation), choose an island chandelier with downward facing lights.
  • Wall Sconces: Looking to spruce up a wall or corner that’s particularly dark or bare? A wall sconce is a wonderful solution, adding style and general illumination.

Task Lighting

  • Mini Pendants: These kitchen light fixtures (miniature versions of pendant lights) are commonly used over a kitchen island or bar. An emerging trend is using “staggered” mini pendants over a small breakfast table.
  • Ceiling Pendants: To provide a more focused illumination for everyday tasks, choose a pendant that mainly emits light through the bottom (rather than a style with a glass diffuser). These are great for use over the sink.

Accent Lighting

  • Under Cabinet Lights: Draw attention to your prized backsplash or countertops with affordable under cabinet lights, your secret weapon in kitchen design. They are fairly easy to install, and available in “puck” or strip styles. Some under cabinet lights even plug directly into outlets, no hardwiring required.
  • Track Lighting. One of the most versatile kitchen fixtures, track lighting can double as accent and general lighting. Simply point the track head at any feature in the kitchen you wish to spotlight!

The Benefits of Marble Dining Table And How To Maintain Its Beauty

February 14, 2019

Kitchen Improvements

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Marble has been used as a flooring and building material, but it has also become very popular for table tops as well. It is a perfect material for any sort of table that you may be interested in. It is an exquisite piece of furniture that anyone would love to have. If you are thinking of buying a marble dining table, here are some benefits that you might want to know and tips on how to maintain its beauty.

Marble dining tables have natural beauty; that is why they are great in the dining area. They are elegant and have sophisticated appeal, giving an extra plus to any dining room. You will not fail to impress any visitors with these tables. Not only they are elegant but they never go out of style because of their contemporary look. Another benefit for marble dining room tables is that they are very durable. If taken care of properly, they can last for very long time and even outlast other furniture.

In order to maintain the best condition of marble dining tables, you have to get it sealed first especially if it is of porous type. Sealing will prevent staining of the table though it will not prevent scratches. It is also necessary to seal the marble once in a year. If the table gets dirty, you must wipe the dirt right away. It is also important to use a coaster for any types of drinks to prevent formation of rings. It is also advisable to use placemat when serving foods. This will prevent foods to get into the table and it is also much easier to clean.

So, there you go, some benefits of having a marble dining table and suggestions on how to maintain it. Marble is not only limited for the square or rectangular dining table, but also can be a table top for a round kitchen table and other small tables.

Matching Materials – Wooden Cabinets With Metal, Brick, and Glass

February 14, 2019


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For as long as man has needed a place to store his finest bowls and goblets, there has never been a better material for making cabinets than wood.

In fact, thanks to its availability, versatility, durability and latterly sustainability, the use of wood has never been close to being superseded in the manufacture of furniture of all types. That’s not to say, however, that it stands alone in its field. Other, man-made materials are often used in conjunction with wood to create designs that end up greater than the sum of their parts.

Combining wooden kitchen cabinet doors with other materials is a great way to make them stand out, and there are some recent trends in this type of kitchen design that are quickly becoming contemporary classics.

Wood and metal

Mixing wood and metal in interior design is nothing new, as iron, copper and brass fixtures and fittings have been used since the dawn of modern plumbing techniques.

Somewhere along the way, stainless steel and chrome took over and their silver color became the standard. However, nothing lasts forever. Not even stainless steel. Combining the natural wood of bespoke cabinet doors with the traditional golden tones of brass and copper has seen a resurgence in recent years as the classic again becomes the contemporary.

Deciding to add a touch of gold when installing new bespoke kitchen cabinet doors doesn’t have to be expensive or a complete overhaul either, as mixing brass with the silver of existing stainless steel fittings actually works quite well too.

Wood and brick

Continuing the theme of incorporating styles from another time in modern kitchens, matching wooden cabinet doors with bricks is also nothing revolutionary.

The rustic feel of using exposed brickwork in contemporary kitchen designs has long been a modern classic, but more and more people are now taking things a step further and installing brick features that are more than just decorative.

Gaining in popularity, genuine wood-burning pizza ovens are best constructed from durable materials, and constructing one from bricks is a simple process for the experienced builder. Contrasting superbly with solid wood bespoke kitchen cabinet doors, the exposed brickwork brings a timeless look to any modern kitchen.

Wood and glass

For a sleeker aesthetic than brass or brick can give, solid wood cabinets can easily be teamed with contemporary glass elements.

While decorative parts of a kitchen have long used glass, tough new types of the transparent material have made even glass worktops a possibility. Matched with a backsplash and dining table, the solid panels of glass provide a smooth contrast to the rougher wooden kitchen cabinet doors.

Above the eyeline, the oven hood and oversized ornate lampshades can continue the theme for those visitors who like to really take a look around.

Glass is perhaps the easiest material to match the smaller items with, with glass fruit bowls, hand soap dispensers, and even cabinet door handles readily available. It’s of course not uncommon to find kitchen doors and cabinets with their own glass window features.

Solid wood will probably never be surpassed as the premier material for kitchen cabinet doors, but that doesn’t mean your entire kitchen has to be made from this most traditional of materials. Contemporary kitchen design is matching wood with antiquated metals and exposed brickwork to conjure up nu-retro styles, and the class found in glass looks here to stay alongside our solid wooden cabinet doors for a long time to come.

Contemporary Bar Stools Can Suit Your Every Seating Need

February 14, 2019


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Every piece of furniture you have in your home has its purpose. For instance, your couch is for relaxing in front of the TV, your dining table set is for family dinners and your beds are for sleeping. Contemporary Bar Stools also have their function in the home. Barstools can be used for additional seating in the kitchen or for patio seating purposes. There are barstool options out there that will satisfy everyone from rustic to modern styles.

The kitchen is not the only room in the house that can benefit from this type of seating. The patio is a great place to add seating for entertaining or for eating outdoors for a little something different. Maybe you’re home has a wet bar, or you are considering adding one. You will need contemporary stools to complete the look of your wet bar.

The design of the room in which you plan to place barstools is one determining factor when you are buying them. Here are some of the choices in barstools you can consider for your home.

  • Rustic Bar Stools- If you have a log cabin home or a rustic home interior, rustic stools are perfect additional seating options.
  • Wooden Bar Stools – Wood is a classic look in flooring and walls ads well as furnishings. Even wooden stools are add a classic look to any kitchen.
  • Folding Bar Stools – When you need seating that you can store and use only when you need it, folding stools are great.
  • Backless Stools – There are several modern and contemporary style backless stools that not only give you extra seating options, but also make café style kitchen counter stools.
  • Swivel Bar Stools – If you like to be able to swing around and switch positions while you are sitting at your bar table, kitchen swivel stools give you that option.
  • Leather Bar Stools – There are few people who do not like the look, smell and feel of leather. That is one reason leather barstools are a popular choice in kitchen counter stools and table barstools.
  • Metal Bar Stools – There are all kinds of metal barstools from aluminum to wrought iron white stools that are typically used for patio stools or front exterior décor stools.

Contemporary Bar Stools can be found in all the above style of stool furniture. One of the most popular brands of discount stools is trica stools. Trica carries a wide variety of unlimited barstools including those from the list above as well as tall stools and extra tall stools.

Modern Coffee Tables – Art for Your Living Room

February 14, 2019


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Anyone can buy a coffee table. But, next time you’re in the market for a coffee table for your contemporary home, consider purchasing a piece that will do more than hold your magazines and the television remote. There are some wonderful modern coffee tables available that really make a statement in your living room. You may find them to be both functional and your favorite conversation piece.

Consider, for example, the Japanese style coffee table. From a beautiful Tribeca style, with its contoured glass top and wooden legs, to more traditional Japanese coffee tables that are very low to the ground and come with solid bases in very dark colors, Japanese style modern coffee tables offer style and grace with beautiful modern designs.

Another great style choice in modern coffee tables is the original Marcel Breuer style, with its silver metal legs and simple black top. His coffee table with attached nesting table design is especially noteworthy. Most famous as a designer of monuments, Breuer’s furniture styles are in great demand.

Consider, also, Curvet’s designs in modern coffee tables. His style offers a wide range of choices, including a large coffee table called the “Big Cheese” design that resembles a chunk of Swiss cheese, and a curved glass coffee table that is a true work of art.

For American modern coffee tables, consider the designs of Ray and Charles Eames. From wooden tables with wire bases to long elliptical tables, modern coffee tables that nod to the Eames style are a classic choice for modern homes.

Kenshoma also offers unique modern styles that include elements that are somewhat more traditional. Their sea star table includes teak legs and a wicker top, and is a modern coffee table that would also work well in a setting that is somewhat more traditional.

Exciting styles in modern coffee tables abound. Spend some time shopping around, and you’re sure to find a great modern coffee table that complements your home’s style beautifully.

Kitchen Chair Cushion – Make Dinner Time Comfortable

February 14, 2019

Kitchen Improvements

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Many people spend time, effort and money to make their homes look good. A lot of people even go to the extent of hiring the services of interior designers to ensure that their homes look as if they have just come alive straight out of a home improvement magazine. All the areas of the house are designed such that they will look good and at the same time are comfortable to use. But do you know that you do not really need to spend too much to make your home look good? There are a lot of things that you can do on your own or with just a little help from others to make your home beautiful.

The kitchen, for example is an area where you can exercise your creativity a lot. You start by creating a theme for your kitchen. You can choose to have a contemporary theme for your kitchen. Most modern designs use ‘metal’ as a focal point. With this theme you will not have problems with the equipment that you will put as many of them have a modern and metallic appeal to begin with. All you need to do is to select kitchen table and chairs that will match them. You do not need much ornamentation with this design. You would probably think that you do not need kitchen chair cushions for this design but for added comfort no one can stop you from putting them. Just forget about those thick cushions with floral designs. Instead get those thin kitchen chair cushions in black or metallic tone. The black is good to provide contrast to the shinny effect of metal while the metallic tone is for enhancement.

For a more cheery and welcoming kitchen, you can choose a country design. Here you can play around with colors a lot. You can paint your kitchen with bright colors. You can put colorful designs on the cupboard. You can even put woven baskets with floral trimmings as accents to the kitchen. You can also use thick and fluffy kitchen chair cushions covered with colorful cloths. The covers for the kitchen chair cushions could even match the designs in the cupboards. The nice thing about this is you can change the design according to season. You can change the trimmings of the woven baskets for example to Christmas style during December.

Your other choices are rustic and old world. With rustic design you can have that relaxing log cabin look. Without going far, you can have a relaxing vacation effect right in your own kitchen. With old world you can go for the French Chateau or a medieval look. What you need to consider using here are materials like mosaic tiles or stone floorings. You can also add copper accents.

There are really a lot of possibilities for you to make all the areas of your house look good. You can check out magazines or you can just stretch your imagination to make your house uniquely your own.

Wood Kitchen Tables – Practical and Stylish

February 14, 2019


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Are you looking to add a new table in your kitchen? There are few tables that are more practical and available in such a variety of styles and designs – from modern teak to old-fashioned oak.

Wood kitchen tables come in a variety of sizes shapes and colors as well as combinations like wood and glass dining tables or steel and glass. One of the reasons they are so popular is that you can find a wooden table in a variety of styles and designs. Some people like these tables because they are natural. So no matter what type of decor you may already have in your home, you can find a wooden table will fit with the rest of the furniture that in your home.

Wooden kitchen tables can be used for almost everything such as, for eating, working, and even for just talking with a family member or friends. A wooden table will definitely bring exclusive and natural design affection to every kitchen. It will help you enhance the look of your kitchen from pale to an elegant looking one because of the texture and warms colors available.

You don’t have to worry if your kitchen only has a limited space because all wood kitchen tables have different sizes that will suit all kitchen size. Whatever the size you choose for your kitchen, it always create a comfortable yet an atmosphere that is welcoming. There are also wood kitchen table that are drop leaf which you can fold every time you are not using the table to create a wider space whenever it is necessary.

What is good about wooden tables is that they are very durable and can hold almost everything. Its traditional and classic design gives a very cozy ambiance to every people who use it. The wood’s shade produces a calming effect to its occupants and can complement almost every kitchen style.

Choose a table that will suit your kitchen’s style and your style as well. Bring elegance and a comfortable feeling into your home with a new table.

Kitchen tables can add a sense of warmth or and a bit of spice to any home. They can be either contemporary or more traditional, light or dark, simple or more complex.